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Superhero app features

All Superheroes get access to award-winning features from the get-go. No tricks, just amazing value. So you can invest more of your money into your future.

Live market data

Stay sharp with live market data. Timely insights make for confident decisions.


Grow your portfolio effortlessly with auto-invest. While you focus on life.

Diversification Dashboard

Get insights into your investment mix for smarter investing. View your entire portfolio at a glance.


Discover an extensive range of over 7,000 shares, allowing you to invest directly in the companies that you’re interested in.


Don’t want to go direct? Invest in our themes and get access to a curated basket of shares.

2FA and bank-level encryption

Your security matters. Enjoy 2FA and bank-level encryption for peace of mind.

Instant FX Transfers

Get into the markets faster with real time FX transfers at no additional cost.