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April 21st 2022

How to use ETFs to diversify your portfolio

Diversification is when you spread your investment risk by buying across different asset classes, sectors and markets. The theory goes that this will make….

March 31st 2022

5 different types of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and products

ETFs have become increasingly popular in recent years to become almost synonymous with all kinds of fund-like products. However, investors should be careful not….

March 22nd 2022

3 ways to find undervalued stocks

Discovering undervalued stocks is the modus operandi of value investors. The strategy is epitomised by the most famous one of all, Warren Buffett, who….

March 16th 2022

6 different investment strategies

Investment strategies are plans guiding your investment decisions, based on your financial goals, risk appetite and time horizon. As such, they are not a….

February 18th 2022

How to diversify your investment portfolio

Diversification is one of the most common tips given to beginner investors but what does it really mean and why is it important?  What….

September 24th 2021

How do dividends work?

If a company does well, its board of directors might distribute some of the profits to shareholders. This is known as a dividend and….

September 17th 2021

How is Superhero different to micro-investing?

Superhero lets New Zealanders invest in the market with as little as US$10 for U.S. Shares and A$100 for ASX Shares. But don’t be….

July 23rd 2021

How much do I need to start investing?

While you need significant sums of money to invest in property, the great thing about investing in shares is you can get started with….

March 1st 2023

What is investing?

What is investing? Investing means allocating resources, such as money, time or effort, to gain some sort of profit or advantage. In other words,….

June 24th 2021

Savings account or share market?

Do you put money in a savings account or term deposit? If so, you’re an investor. You might not think of this as investing,….