Question Category: Fees

September 24th 2021

Are there any fees to transfer my shares to another person/entity (an off-market transfer)?

Transferring your shares to another person or entity is called an off-market transfer. (This is not a broker to broker transfer). There are two….

July 5th 2021

What are the fees to trade with Superhero?

The full fee schedule for Superhero can be found here.

July 5th 2021

Does Superhero receive payment for order flow?

While it is not a requirement to disclose any arrangement for receiving payment for directing order flow, Superhero currently has no such arrangement and….

September 8th 2021

Are there any fees for transferring my shares to/from Superhero?

Superhero does not charge any fees to transfer your shares to Superhero. Some brokers may charge transfer out fees depending on the transfer type,….

May 25th 2021

Are there fees attached to my Superhero Wallet?

It doesn’t cost you anything to hold funds in your Superhero Wallet. We do not charge fees for account maintenance or inactivity. You can….

May 25th 2021

Are there deposit or withdrawal fees?

There is no cost to deposit or withdraw funds from your Superhero account.

July 1st 2021

What is the brokerage fee for ASX trading?

For ASX-listed share trading, Superhero charges a flat $5 brokerage fee per trade, regardless of transaction value or volume. For more information on our….

July 1st 2021

What is the brokerage fee for U.S. trading?

Superhero does not charge brokerage fees for U.S. share trades. Superhero makes money by charging an FX Transfer Fee when you transfer funds between….

July 1st 2021

What FX Transfer fees do you charge?

The FX Transfer fee from NZD to AUD or USD is 50 basis points (bps), meaning $0.0050 in the relevant currency will be added….

July 1st 2021

Are there U.S. SEC and FINRA fees charged on my U.S. share trades?

All orders for U.S. securities are subject to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) related fees & charges.….