Question Category: Deposits/Withdrawals

May 9th 2023

Why is my deposit being blocked by my bank?

Recently, there have been instances of fraud in the New Zealand banking system, which are unrelated to Superhero. Unfortunately, we’ve become aware that ASB….

May 25th 2021

Can I link my existing bank account to my Superhero Wallet?

You cannot directly link your bank account to your Superhero Wallet. If you want to transfer money from your bank account in near real….

May 25th 2021

How long does it take for funds I’ve withdrawn from my Superhero Wallet to land in my bank account?

The time it takes for funds to land in your bank account may vary depending on your bank. The withdrawal will generally take between….

May 25th 2021

Is there a daily limit for transferring funds out of my Superhero Wallet?

Superhero has a current daily withdrawal limit of $20,000 to help protect your assets from fraud, as stated in our Terms and Conditions. In….

May 25th 2021

How do I withdraw funds out of my Superhero cash account?

To transfer funds out of your Superhero account simply click on Wallet and go to the Withdraw section tab. The bank account you transferred….

May 25th 2021

How long does it take for funds to be deposited into my Superhero Wallet?

Depending on your bank, deposits may take up to 2 business days to be available in your Superhero Wallet.

May 25th 2021

Why can’t I withdraw funds from my Superhero cash account?

The maximum amount you can withdraw at any time is shown in your ‘Wallet’ under ‘Total Cash’, subject to the daily withdrawal limits. Share….

May 25th 2021

Help! I’ve withdrawn money into the wrong bank account.

If you have withdrawn funds into the wrong bank account, please get in touch via live chat or email at as soon as….

May 25th 2021

Are there deposit or withdrawal fees?

There is no cost to deposit or withdraw funds from your Superhero account.