Question Category: ASX Trading

September 26th 2023

What are the benefits of using a custodian?

At Superhero, we could follow the legacy brokers and use the system the ASX is desperately trying to replace. Instead, we carefully selected a….

September 26th 2023

What is a CHESS-sponsored trade?

The term “CHESS-sponsored trades” has been bandied around by marketing teams of various brokers but what does this term actually mean? CHESS stands for….

April 11th 2023

How do I trade AU Securities?

To trade AU shares, you will first need to transfer NZD into AUD in your Superhero Wallet. Once you have transferred NZD to AUD,….

March 16th 2023

Can I trade ASX shares on weekends and public holidays?

The stock market is only open Monday to Friday, not on weekends or public holidays. You can still place a trade with Superhero on….

November 2nd 2022

How do I set a stop loss order with Superhero?

Choose a holding from your portfolio and set ‘Order Type’ to ‘Stop Loss Order’. Set the trigger price. This is the price at or….

November 2nd 2022

What is a stop loss order?

A stop loss order is an order to commence selling a stock once the share price reaches a specified price, known as the ‘stop’….

September 8th 2022

What are recurring orders?

Recurring orders allow you to schedule automatic buy order(s) on a regular schedule.  You can set up a recurring order for any share or….

September 8th 2022

How do I view/cancel my recurring order?

If you wish to view or cancel your recurring order, log into your Superhero account and click on the ‘Dashboard’ tab followed by ‘Pending’.

September 8th 2022

Why didn’t my recurring order trade?

The main reason your recurring order/s may fail is because you don’t have enough funds in your Superhero Wallet on the day your recurring….

September 8th 2022

Can I auto-invest with Superhero?

Yes! Auto-investing can be set up within your Superhero account. You can set up recurring buy orders for any Australian or U.S. share within….