Tracking your portfolio performance



July 2nd 2021 3 minute read

Track your portfolio performance, diversification and activity through your Superhero dashboard.

Superhero Dashboard

You can track your total Superhero portfolio performance in your Superhero Dashboard. You will also be able to see:

  • Portfolio Value: shows how your overall portfolio is performing. You can track your Aussie and US portfolios separately, and together.
  • Holdings: track the return on each of your investments and their current value, as well as your overall portfolio return.
    • Diversification: understand how your portfolio is diversified across different sectors including Information Technology, Materials, Energy and Financials.
  • Following: keep track of the performance of the stocks you follow.

Your Superhero dashboard also shows any pending orders, your latest activity and latest news for all companies you hold and follow, so that you can keep track of what’s happening in the market that may impact the value of your investments or your next investment decision.


You will be paid dividends for any stocks you hold into your Superhero Wallet. When a company declares a dividend, the total amount will be available in your Dashboard, under ‘Pending’ until it is paid. Once a dividend is paid, the amount will be deposited into your Superhero Wallet.

A transaction record and your dividend statement will be available in the Activity tab of your Superhero account. 

There are three main types of dividends, but keep in mind that some companies will not pay all types of dividends, or any dividends at all.

  • Interim Dividend: paid before a company has calculated its annual earnings. Usually this happens when a company releases its interim financial statements, halfway through the financial year.
  • Final Dividend: paid when a company releases its full year financial earnings and profits.
  • Special Dividend: some companies will pay bonus dividends, for example if a company has higher profits than normal and chooses to pay some of these out to shareholders.