How to trade shares with Superhero



July 2nd 2021 3 minute read

Superhero offers $0 brokerage on U.S. shares, and $5 brokerage on ASX shares. 

Where you choose to invest your money is a completely personal decision, based on your investing budget, goals and risk tolerance. Our purpose at Superhero is to facilitate this decision making process by providing you with accurate information that is easy to understand. 

Funding Your Account

Before you trade shares with Superhero, you will need to have a minimum of A$100 or US$10 available in your Superhero Wallet, depending on the market you want to trade. If you wish to trade U.S. shares, you will need to transfer a minimum of NZ$100 to USD from NZD in your Superhero Wallet. The minimum trade size for ASX shares is A$100 and US$10 for U.S. shares. Superhero offers real-time deposits and currency transfers, with no express funding fees. For more information, read our article on Deposits and Currency Transfers.

The Superhero Invest Tab

The Superhero Invest tab has a number of different features available for you to learn more about different shares and ETFs. The Invest tab arranges stocks in a number of different categories, and shows you 5 years of historical performance for each stock.

Categories include:

  1. Themes
  2. Today’s Risers
  3. Today’s Fallers
  4. Trending
  5. New Listings
  6. Tech Heroes
  7. Health & Wellness
  8. ESG Leaders

Superhero provides you with access to investments offered on Australian stock exchanges. Types of investments include:

  1. Individual Companies: shares in public companies listed on the stock exchange.
  2. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs): an ETF is a collection of stocks across a particular theme or index. ETFs help you diversify your portfolio without having to individually purchase all of the underlying company stocks.
  3. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): REITs allow you to gain access to the property market without purchasing a property yourself, by pooling investor’s money to invest in properties.
  4. Listed Investment Companies (LICs): Listed Investment Companies are public companies whose business is to invest in other companies with the goal of increasing the value of their shareholder’s investments.

Placing a Trade

To buy or sell shares that you already own or follow, you can click directly on the stock from your Superhero Dashboard. To place a trade in a stock you do not own or follow, you can search the stock using the Search bar or the Invest tab.

You’ll see a Buy button, or Buy and Sell buttons if you already own the stock. Click the Buy/Sell button, specify whether you are placing a Market, Limit or Recurring Order, the amount you wish to trade, and confirm your order using two-factor authentication.

If you have placed a Limit Order, your order will go into Pending orders in your Dashboard. The order will sit in Pending for 30 days, at which point if the order has not completed the order will expire. You can cancel Pending orders at any time before the order is complete.

Investment Types and Minimums

Superhero offers Market, Limit and Recurring Orders with no monthly account fees on Australian and U.S. trades.

Australian Shares and ETFs

Superhero has a A$100 minimum trade on Australian shares and ETFs, including brokerage. We do not offer fractional shares on Australian shares, which means that you will need to invest at least the price of one whole share you wish to trade. For example, if you want to invest in a company with a share price of $200 AUD, you will need to invest at least $200 AUD to purchase one share.

U.S. Shares and ETFs

Superhero has a NZ$100 minimum transfer from NZD to USD and a US$10 minimum trade for U.S. shares and ETFs. We also offer fractional shares for U.S. shares, meaning that you do not have to trade whole shares, but can simply specify a dollar amount you wish to trade, which may result in you holding a portion of one whole share. For example, you can invest US$50 in a company that has a share price of US$500.

Market and Limit Orders

If you simply wish to invest in a stock at the market price, this is a Market Order. If you wish to specify the price at which you are willing to buy or sell a stock, this is a Limit Order. Both types of orders are available on the Superhero platform. For more information on how Market and Limit Orders work, visit our Support page.