Question Category: Your Account

January 12th 2022

When will I receive my AMMA/AMIT statements?

Attribution Managed Investment Trust Member Annual Statement (AMMA/AMIT) reports will be available when the data is received from the individual funds. For most funds….

September 24th 2021

What is a certified ID and who can provide certification?

Superhero can accept certified copies of the documents on live chat or via email at A ‘certified copy’ of an original ID is….

May 25th 2021

How can I change my password and account details?

Click on Profile within your Superhero account to change your password or update your details.

May 25th 2021

Help! I’ve forgotten my log-in details

Too easy. Just go to and click on ‘Forgot your password?’, then enter your registered email address and hit the ‘Reset Password’ button.

May 25th 2021

How do I log out?

Mobile: click ‘Profile’ and then ‘Log Out’ on the top right. Desktop: click ‘Log Out’ at the bottom of the menu on the left….

May 25th 2021

Why do I need to confirm my actions via text message?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security feature which requires you, as a Superhero account holder, to authorise all actions on the Superhero platform via….

May 25th 2021

What happens if I don’t have access to my phone to get the text and I want to make a trade?

You can set up a PIN which replaces SMS confirmations on trade orders. To set up your PIN, click on the Profile tab and….

May 25th 2021

Can I access my account and trade while I’m overseas?

The Superhero platform is accessible from outside of New Zealand, however there are some countries you can’t access the Superhero platform from. Please contact….