Category: Using Superhero

November 2nd 2022

What is a Stop Loss order?

Superhero investors can now use ‘stop loss’ orders to limit losses and minimise their downside risk. Let’s dive in now to discover what they….

September 8th 2022

How to auto invest with Superhero

If you need a hand sticking to your investing goals and want to auto invest, Superhero has a new feature for you. Superhero users….

July 7th 2022

How does T+2 trading and settlement work?

If you’ve been investing or looking to, you may have come across T+2 trading and settlement. Commonly used across markets, it refers to how….

August 13th 2021

How to invest in U.S. stocks with Superhero

The Superhero online trading platform and mobile app allows you to trade ASX and U.S. stocks and ETFs in the one place. The U.S.….

August 14th 2021

The beginner’s guide to investing with Superhero

Superhero is an online investing platform that allows customers to invest in Australian shares, U.S. shares and ETFs. Learn how to buy shares online….

July 2nd 2021

Setting up your Superhero account

Setting up your Superhero online trading account only takes a few minutes. You can invest in ASX and U.S. shares with Superhero with no….

August 2nd 2021

How are my shares protected by Superhero?

Superhero has been built to ensure our customers and your investments are protected. It can be difficult to understand the difference between various acronyms….

July 2nd 2021

How to trade shares with Superhero

Superhero offers $0 brokerage on U.S. shares, and $5 brokerage on ASX shares.  Where you choose to invest your money is a completely personal….

August 16th 2021

Transfer your shares to Superhero

You can transfer your existing shares to Superhero from another broker or platform. We do not charge a fee for transferring your shares to….

August 27th 2021

Automate your investment deposits with Superhero

At Superhero we’re big fans of consistent, regular investing. Instead of going into your bank account and making individual deposits each time you’d like….